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OSD Audio

OSD Audio R62DT

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R62DT is a part of the high quality BLACK series called Performance, featuring;

  • 6.5” Mineral filled Graphite Woofer
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Pivoting Parachute Silk Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Contour Switch (+3/0/-3 dB)
  • Second Order Crossover Network with air core coil, Mylar bypass capacitor and vented protective shield

            Performance Series

            BLACK in-wall and in-ceiling speakers perform a near miraculous disappearing act. Rather than a wide flange found on most built-in speakers, BLACK speakers feature flange-free Perfect Edge™ magnetic grilles that minimize the visible footprint of the speaker for a clean, elegant and unobtrusive appearance.


            BLACK by Optimal Speaker Design is a range of premium quality flush mount loudspeakers designed to serve discriminating homeowners and A/V integrators who demand the ultimate in aesthetic style and audio performance. BLACK products includes unique features and technologies that make them better looking, easier to install and more durable, while delivering lifelike sound quality more typically found in free-standing audiophile grade speakers.There are BLACK models to fit every distributed audio and home theater application and space, offered in three performance levels: Acoustic, Performance and Reference. BLACK products are sold only through custom installation Audio Video specialist dealers in order to ensure proper system design, installation and total customer satisfaction.

            Single Point Stereo

            The BLACK R62DT brings exceptional sound to small rooms, halls and service areas. Dual
            tweeters and woofer voice coils allow connection to a stereo amplifier with no loss of musical
            content. Or switch to surround mode and use them in pairs for rear and side-channel duties
            in home theater applications. Versatile, convenient and exceptional in performance – that’s

              Square Options

              BLACK round in-ceiling models offer a square grille option to match the aesthetic of rectangular architectural elements such as lighting fixtures and air registers. While other brands may offer that option, only BLACK does it right with a square mask that doesn’t “telegraph” the round speaker shadow behind the grille.

              Optional Square-Grille Kit is sold separately.

              Custom crossover

              BLACK Reference and Performance models feature audiophile-grade crossover components including Mylar bypass capacitors to enhance high frequency extension for exceptional clarity and “air.” Shields* protect the components from debris and suffocating insulation while integrated air vents keep things cool.

              Contour Switch

              Reference and Performance speakers offer a high frequency contour switch with -3dB,
              0 (flat) and +3 dB settings to match speaker performance to the room acoustics. Highly
              reflective “live” rooms benefit from a -3dB HF reduction while fabric-heavy “dead” rooms will
              sound better with tweeters boosted +3dB.

              Pro Mounting

              Installers will appreciate the BLACK mounting system for its ease and robust construction. BLACK’s rotating clamps have brass inserts to prevent thread stripping. The stainless steel machine bolts are thread-strip and rust resistant. Rubber damping pads on the mounting clamps minimize the likelihood of sheetrock blowout and damp resonance, vibration and buzzing. Better installs, better sound, it’s all better with BLACK.