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OSD Audio Aurum Premium RCA

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Aurum’s Ultra High-Performance, Unbalanced Signal Cable offers the highest level of audio purity for home theater and high-end audio enthusiasts. This RCA Male to RCA Male cable includes 99.99% pure copper dual center conductors and a braided gold cotton outer jacket to block noise so you hear the purest, noise-free signal possible. Available up to 15 meters in length, Aurum’s  RCA cable is an ideal addition to multichannel home theaters and high-end audio systems.



  • 100% shielded cable for noise-free signal transmission
  • 99,99% pure copper conductors
  • High quality custom tooled connectors
  • 24kt gold plated contacts

The Aurum Ultra Audio Experience

Aurum’s Ultra High Performance Unbalanced Signal Cable delivers the purest signals to your subwoofer and speakers and is an ideal addition to multichannel home theaters or high-end audio systems. The difference in specialty cables such as Aurum’s RCA cable and ordinary RCA cables is the quality of metals used and the insulation that protects it from noise. This unbalanced signal cable includes double-shielded directional twisted pair center conductors, a Mylar foil shield and a copper braid grounded at the source end for 100% shielding. In addition, proprietary custom tooled gold/gun metal-plated connectors and a split-tipped center pin ensure a tight connection and flawless signal transfer.

Pure Copper Connectors

Aurum’s Ultra High-Performance Unbalanced Signal Cable contains 99.99% copper dual center conductors. The high conductivity of copper adds warmth to the audio and allows subtle sonic detail to come through, particularly on low frequencies.

Heavy-duty Shielding

Extremely well shielded from RFI and EMI or “hum and buzz” that can invade even the most meticulously planned audio or surround sound systems, OSD Audio’s premium low-level RCA male to RCA male signal cable includes a braided gold cotton outer jacket that is both durable and extremely flexible.

Aurum Ultra Performance and Value

OSD Audio makes cables that do what they say they will, but without exaggerated claims or price-tag. The integrity of each cable is carefully tested throughout the manufacturing process, so every Aurum cable delivers on performance. Aurum RCA signal interconnects include two Velcro cable ties that keep the cable runs neat and manageable.