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Link BalancedLink Two

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The Level Two BalancedLink, has basically the same cable as our Level Three InterLink, with the same excellent shielding against interference, but with an additional core. Finding a really good XLR connector is not easy, there are plenty of nice looking connectors on the market, but we settled on a very nice connector of the required high quality construction. The connector matches the others in this series, both visually and sonically. This connector is precision machined in very high quality rhodium plated copper that does not tarnish. 


Link by L-Sound

The primary goal of L-Sound has always been to offer high performance products at real word prices. There has always been a no nonsense philosophy to everything we do. For several years we have represented other cable brands on the European & Scandinavian markets. There was nothing wrong with many of these cables, but we always had the feeling that we could offer the same or better performance at a lower price.

All Link cables are delivered with Lifetime warranty. 

Level Two

This is probably the level with the highest cost/performance ratio. Level Two are, in all categories very close to Level Three, but don't quite match their performance in a high end setup. You’ll spend a long time listening to tell the difference though!