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Link BalancedLink One

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BalancedLink Level One is very close in performance to our BalancedLink Level Two as it sports the same cable as our Level Two InterLink, but uses Neutrik XLR connectors instead. BalancedLink One, has a very good mechanical construction, with excellent shielding against interference.


Link by L-Sound

The primary goal of L-Sound has always been to offer high performance products at real word prices. There has always been a no nonsense philosophy to everything we do. For several years we have represented other cable brands on the European & Scandinavian markets. There was nothing wrong with many of these cables, but we always had the feeling that we could offer the same or better performance at a lower price.

All Link cables are delivered with Lifetime warranty. 

Level One

Level One. Honestly, there is not much entry level about it. We have spent a lot of time researching to be able to offer the best possible product to our customers. Our goal was to make this cable as well-built as our Level Three, and as close in performance as possible. It is the price that it is, because we feel you will compromise quality of build and therefore reliability, not to mention performance, by trying to make a cheaper cable. Level one is cable ground zero.