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Arendal Sound 1723 Bookshelf S THX

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The 1723 family is growing! Now with Bookshelf S as the smallest and latest member. Featuring a completely custom built 2-way lineup of mid-bass driver and a waveguide tweeter you cannot find anywhere else. The materials, quality, drivers and crossover components are the same premium level as you would only expect from any of the 1723 family members. Bigger is not always better.

1723 Bookshelf S was developed for even smaller spaces, or to offer great soundstage from a small speaker. Due to the exact same components and sound philosophies, the Bookshelf S can be perfectly matched to any of the 1723 speakers. Small and compact, yet incredibly powerful, dynamic and detailed with a big soundstage. Only the best experience for music and movies as you would expect from the Arendal Sound 1723 series.

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Arendal Sound 1723 Bookshelf S THX review - audiophile.no

Key Features

  • 2-way construction
  • 6.5” woofers
  • Waveguide with 28 mm tweeter
  • Sealed enclosure
  • HDF-enclosure
  • 14.5 kg

1723 S

S for "Small".

The 1723 S speakers are a direct supplement to the 1723 Series. They are built to the same quality level and have the same feature and core parts as the rest of our critically acclaimed Arendal Sound 1723 speakers. The goal with 1723 S was to add a matching set of smaller sized speakers, which would seamlessly match the 1723 Series without any form of timbre matching issues whatsoever. Not everyone can have the larger 1723 speakers with the big 8” drivers in their living room or in tight spaces, Arendal Sound 1723 S is a perfect match.

A key requirement was that the 1723 S speakers should match the 1723 lineup allowing customers to mix and match within the same series without any bottleneck factors. If you have a pair of 1723 Tower and do not have the space for a 1723 Center and 1723 Surrounds, Center S and Surround S will be perfect alternatives.

The 1723 S speakers are smaller, with same quality and timbre match as its bigger brothers.

Soundstage & Imaging

Huge soundstage. The 1723 Bookshelf S was designed with intent on offering a big soundstage with extremely accurate imaging. Due to its smaller size, the Bookshelf S lacks in total output compared to it’s bigger brothers, but claims back its own position with offering a wide, deep and involving soundstage. Match this speaker up with an Arendal Sound Subwoofer and you have a setup that will breathe new life to your music collection.

THX Ultra certified

Our 1723 S speakers are certified by the very strict testing protocol of THX Ultra where each speaker have to pass a set of 400 measurements. The THX certification does not mean it is a dedicated home theater speaker, but rather a guarantee of tight consistency within well established acoustic parameters. THX certification is as much about music, as for movies.

THX engineers test of different scientifically-formulated criteria to ensure the highest audio visual standards possible. All 1723 speakers passed the THX Ultra certification without any change to the products, meaning our standards already exceed THX Ultra level out of the box!

Match made in heaven

We did not want to offer a new speaker range but rather extend the original 1723 series. Our customers love the 1723 series. Reviewers loves it. We love it. There were no special reasons to change anything, really. Except size.

Our design is engineered around the heart of our speakers, the highly accurately engineered partnership of the waveguide and tweeter, for total polar response control. With exactly the same tweeter as the rest of 1723 Series and a 6.5” driver near identical to the larger 8” versions, the 1723 S will give the same crisp, detailed highs and the same transparent midrange, resulting in near perfect voice matching.

Size is obviously a factor for anyone who is looking for a speaker. So, we wanted to offer a downsized version of the 1723 speakers with smaller 1723 Tower S, Center S, Monitor S and Surround S. They will all blend in perfectly with any other 1723 speakers and it will be totally up to the customer to mix and match the original with the new 1723 S speakers. We guarantee that you will not degrade quality using the 1723 S speakers. 1723 series, all same quality.

Dynamics are King

Accurate dynamics and transient response are at the core of our speaker designs, as these are the fundamental qualities which deliver a listener experience beyond their expectations. With any Arendal Sound product, speakers or subwoofers, our goal is to create life-like sound which offers a live immediacy, pulling the listener into the music or movie. A speaker which lacks this ability does not engage or give the customer the same experience, regardless of whatever else it can, or cannot do.

Engineering & Development

The 1723 S speakers have the same mindset as the original 1723 speakers, where the main focus is to recreate the original sonic event, with the highest level of accuracy. This requires a special consideration to balancing several factors: 

  • Dynamics!
  • Linearity
  • Distortion
  • Power handling
  • Frequency response 
  • Polar characteristics

Stress (or accelerated life) testing, is a hallmark of all Arendal Sound designs. Each new design is required to pass a long list of difficult (if not totally insane) tests. Lofty goals require custom parts and special attention to details at each step in the path to product realisation. No off-the-shelf drivers were worthy of satisfying all of our goals.

The 1723 S speakers are using the same basic core of the 8” drivers, but the 6.5” version was otherwise developed from the ground up, requiring special and expensive tooling. 18 months in development, each driver is first modeled using advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) techniques to meet mechanical, electromagnetic and acoustic goals. The result is a perfect tonal match to the 8” driver, with the same power handling capabilities.

Premium build quality

Again we are using the same Higher Density Fibreboard (HDF) which is naturally naturally better damped than MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). HDF (High Density Fiberboard) results in a sonically inert cabinet. Internal bracing has been strategically placed to increase overall cabinet strength and limit unwanted panel vibrations that may cause audible colorations.

Downscaled but exclusive and fully custom made grills where metal quality feeling meets fabric wrapped softness to fit the smaller cabinets. For all Arendal Sound speakers we are using a free flowing, perforated metal grill which does not affect sound quality.

We still use no plastic parts.

Waveguide tweeter

The heart of all Arendal speakers, our 28mm tweeter utilizes a synthetic soft dome with custom designed, matching waveguide. The soft dome itself is sourced from the high end stable of Dr. Kurt Mueller, mated to our own in-house custom motor structure. The dome is very light weight, totally pistonic to ultra high frequencies, optimally damped, produced to exceedingly tight tolerances and specifically chosen for its sweet sound and consistent frequency response. The role of the waveguide is to take an already excellent tweeter and provide refinements to the tweeter’s performance.

Massive & Clean bass

The 6.5” woofer in Bookshelf S are built upon the identical core fundamentals of the 8” driver fitted in the 1723 family. The only difference from the 8” driver is cone size, but with the same materials and motor structure with given design goals. The 6.5” cone does not have the glass fibre reinforcement of the 13.8” as it is already stiff enough and the base material’s inherent self-damping with its proprietary cone treatment is chief quality.

An entirely bespoke design, the 6.5” mid-woofers are optimised to cover a very wide frequency range from 1500 Hz, down to the lowest bass notes without a hint of cone resonance.

Speaker input posts

The electrical connection of each speaker offers potential pitfalls for installation woes and signal degradations. Each binding post is made from copper (not brass or other lower conductivity metals) which is CNC machined to very tight tolerances. Each component is then polished to ensure burr free, smooth function and clean cosmetics.

The final step is Rhodium plating. Rhodium was chosen for its superb conductivity (second only to silver and copper) corrosion resistance (equal to gold) and durability (better than all of them!) even though it’s expensive and hard to do. Rhodium serves to maximise signal transmission with absolutely minimal degradation over time.

The terminal jumpers follow the same formula of Rhodium over copper, which gives you the best possible connection from the high frequency inputs to the low frequency input. In other words, no need to use bi-wire cables.


Enclosure tuning

All Arendal speakers start with an optimal, low Q sealed box design. Low frequency performance is accurately damped delivering a tight impulse response - the time the driver takes to stop moving after the signal has passed is very short - and rolls off at the natural sealed box rate of 12dB/octave below the combined box and driver resonant frequency. The Center S enclosures offer the ability to alternatively be used in a vented alignment. By removing the foam plugs inside the ports, low frequency -3dB point can be extended and given different bass characteristics.

Crossover network

Crossover design is a culmination of model, measure, listen, remodel, remeasure, re-listen, all the while refining performance in increasingly small steps. This is the single most time consuming task in loudspeaker design, as it is the glue without which even the best components can be made to sound disjointed and poor. As with the overall design goals for all Arendal Sound products, the crossover must be up to the task to deliver on the promise of hi-fidelity and robust construction, without compromise. All speakers within the Arendal Sound family share common drive units and this applies equally to the treble to mid-bass crossover designs across the range. The Tower S gains an extra low pass section for the additional bottom bass drivers.


Luckily for you and for us, Arendal Sound products are extremely durable products which have gone through extreme stress tests during development. However failures may happen and if it does, you will always know we are here for you. Arendal Sound have up to 10 years warranty (5 for electronics) which cover all costs for you as a customer within the warranty terms.

Technical Specifications

Design 2-way
Tweeter 28 mm
Woofer 6.5"
Enclosure Sealed
Enclosure material High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
Xover freq. 1500Hz
Sensitivity 84dB/2.83v/1m
Freq. response
Sealed 65-20kHz (+/-3dB)
Impedance 4-ohms nominal
Included Manual (1 pr. order). Rubber pads.
Dimensions 38.5H x 24.5W x 32.0D cm
Weight 14.5 kg
Break-in for optimal performance 50 hours
Recommended amplifier Up to 250W RMS @ 4ohm