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Elipson Planet Series

The Planet speakers belong to Elipson's most emblematic speaker range. Their spherical shape adheres to specifications determined by Joseph Léon after years of research, which he had begun in the 1950s. This unique form allows the speakers to offer remarkable musicality as well as an elegant design which contributes to their status as decorative objects. Elipson's Planet speakers are the direct descendents of the AS-30, the model which allowed Elipson to establish an international reputation. The fruit of 2 years of research, the Planet speakers feature coaxial drivers and bass-reflex technology for optimized bass delivery. Their cabinet, heavy and rigid, provides excellent inertia to minimize vibrations. In terms of audio performance, the Planet speakers are characterized by their neutrality, with a significant amount of coherence between the different timbres as well as a homogeneous restitution of the different registers without undue emphasis on bass, midrange or treble.