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Monster Cable

Monster Cable RCA Y-Adapter Cable

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Monster® Entry-level Interlink Junior interconnect Y-Adapter for attaching a second amplifier to your CD or DVD player, connecting a subwoofer and other home theater applications. Bandwidth Balanced® multiple-gauge wire networks and Monster Turbine® connectors optimize signal transfer for best sonic performance.



Entry-level Interlink Junior interconnect improves your systems performance.
Our lowest cost standard construction audio interconnect is a general purpose cable for entry-level sounds systems and offers Monster quality and performance at a very affordable price. Interlink Junior provides a quality connection between components and offers special features including a dual-channel design that saves installation time and space. Junior's vivid purple Duraflex protective jacket is UV stabilized and resistant to temperature extremes, abrasion and chemicals. 24K gold contact molded RCA connectors enhance conductivity and resists corrosion over time. Interlink Junior's compact, flexible design allows for an easy installation especially where space is tight.

Interlink Junior combines Monster performance and affordability for an excellent value.
Interlink Junior enhances your system's performance without breaking your budget. From entry-level to high-end installations, Monster Cable provides high quality speaker cables, interconnects and accessories for all car applications. Whether you're installing a system for your listening pleasure or building a show car for competition, Monster Cable is the best investment you can make to obtain maximum performance and enjoyment from your car stereo. Available in 1 male to 2 female.