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Custom Install Speakers from Yamaha

August 04, 2016

Custom Install Speakers from Yamaha

Yamaha’s policy of always putting sound quality first, combined with decades of experience in producing fine speakers, ensures that the sound of these speakers is superior to that of many other in-ceiling speakers. The woofers are built up with moisture resistant polypropylene mica cones for high performance mid-low sound reproduction, that also works nicely inside a bathroom.

Unique Design

  • Grain-finished acoustic baffle with spiral pattern for natural sound dispersion
  • Sealed back cover to protect speaker and crossover from dust and moisture

Quick and Easy Installation

  • Paintable grille with magnets for quick and easy installation
  • Large mounting clamp with non-slip tread for sure grip


  • Blue PP mica cone woofer
  • Fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter on some models
  • High power handling capacity
  • Horn-shaped acoustic baffle with spiral pattern produces a clean and natural sound
  • Thin grille with slim edge becomes almost invisible after installation
  • Protective plastic cover on the back
  • Light grill with magnetic catch is easy to attach and remove for spray painting and cleaning
  • Large dog-eared clamp with non-slip tread for sure installation


NS-IC400 €135.00
NS-IC600 €165.00
NS-ICS600 €225.00

NS-IC800 €225.00

Yamaha - Quality in all departments

Yamaha is our main supplier for A/V Processors, receivers and other A/V equipment. They are one of the leading companies within this sector and continues to get top reviews of their entire product series year after year. With great sounding products and service/tech support that few other manufacturers can match we have found what we consider the top supplier within this segment.

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