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We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

October 23, 2015

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

With good reason, we are very proud to have gotten this many customers in Norway and Europe over the past 10 years, where we have sold loads of audio products. Our goal has always been to have the highest focus on customer support which we feel is one of the most important ingredients in good customer relationships. Great products at low prices are also a big factor, however great products in its own is not good enough. Many may ask themselves where we are marketing ourselves, and with good reason. LSound is using a minimal amount of money at marketing, to keep our prices on an acceptable level.

The most valuable thing for us through many hard years in a tough market, has been our faithful customers that has kept supporting us and been active on social media because you felt we have good customer support and great products. We are forever grateful for your engagement and feedbacks that has helped us become the company we are today. We are not done evolving.

It is a quite special thing, having a 10 year anniversary. It has been a lot of work and frustration, but most of all it has been an incredibly fun journey where we have met so many customers that has a lot to offer us. Some feel customers are difficult, but the way we see it, it really comes down to how you treat your customers. All customers have our full respect, and we also feel we are treated with the same respect in return. That is how it should be.

E-commerce has had a tremendous growth, and especially over the past two years. We want to stay up to date so we can offer an intuitive and simple way to shop on the web for our dear customers. Our webpages are now responsive, making them a friend of smartphones and tablets or other devices with smaller screens. As more than 50% of our customers are using smartphones today we felt this was an important step.

We are not known to be very generous when it comes to discounts, and maybe we are seen as a bit quirky on this point. But, as we have kept repeating, this comes down to our firm low pricing and free shipping.

Since we are celebrating 10 years in the business, we want to offer all our customer 10% discount on everything at lsound.eu starting 23.10 and ending 30.10. Even our already discounted products in the outlet section will have the added discount, which means you can do some great purchases and still getting the same warranty and return rights as buying new products.


Discount Code: 10YEARS


As we don’t have weekend sales or similar, like many others in the field are doing, we know that the worst one can experience is that a product is cheaper than what you just payed. With our 30 days price warranty, our customers can contact us for a “voucher” so you can spend the difference on a new purchase in our store. We even want to expend the 30 day period up to 3 months for all customers that has asked in writing if we are having any discounts or similar upon purchase.

But, the big celebration with our 10 year anniversary is being launched in November. It is our very own speaker brand, Arendal Sound! Check it out at www.arendalsound.com and we will release further information soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for the past 10 years and we are looking forward to new possibilities with you as customer in the future.