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Ken Kreisel Q125 Bookshelf Speaker

Bookshelf speaker - 2 x 5,25" + 4 x 1"

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Finally, the new Quattro speakers from legendary Ken Kreisel

Note: Stands are accessories. 

Download an overview of configurations for Ken Kreisel speakers here!

Ken Kreisel (Founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer of Miller & Kreisel Sound/M&K Sound) has a dedicated and loyal worldwide following of the top studios and film, music, & video game recording engineers, avid audiophiles, music lovers, home theater film buffs, magazine reviewers and editors.

Ken Kreisel has always been an innovator, willing to be different and daring, to take new paths, to see a new way of doing something, to offer more and better audio performance at real world prices, to embrace new technologies when they really work, and to avoid "me too" "emperor's clothes" and "smoke & mirror" audio gimmicks.

It is not by luck that the top award winning recording engineers and studios use speakers and subwoofers designed by Ken Kreisel for their most critical sonic decisions

Ken Kreisel Quattro KK-Q125LC/RC

Designed as purpose built left and right channel loudspeakers, the KK-Q125 delivers stunning sound quality on both moives and music. The speakers deliver a wide and open soundstage with precise focus. The KK-Q125 can be mounted on the matching stands KK-Q125LDM or as an on-wall solution.

Tweeter configuration

Ken Kreisel has used multiple tweeters since his original S-1 speaker. Multiple tweeters have two major benefits, the ability to control the speaker's sound directivity and improved dynamic range.

As an audiophile recording engineer, Kreisel has always understood the importance of listening only to the sound captured by the recording microphone and not listening to the sound of the listening room. Anyone listening to a good pair of headphones hears a purity and immediacy of sound not heard when sound is bouncing around a room from a typical speaker. Improved sound purity is achieved in the QUATTRO by the use of four closely spaced tweeters, allowing asymmetrical control of the QUATTRO's sound radiation pattern, whereby more sound energy is radiated directly toward the listener and less sound energy is radiated around the room. Each of the four QUATTRO tweeters get a different signal from the Asymmetrical Phased Field Focal Point Crossover, which allows the right speaker for example, to radiate more sound toward the listening position in the center of the room with less sound radiating toward the right wall and toward the ceiling and floor.

The four tweeters in the QUATTRO increase the speaker's sound output capability by a very significant 12dB compared to a single tweeter. Also, the four tweeters allow for a much lower crossover frequency than would be possible with only a single tweeter, further improving overall performance and sound quality.

The tweeter is a 1" soft dome specially designed by Ken Kreisel.


This is a classic 5, 25" drive unit based on a treated fiber-Pulp cone. The chassis is cast aluminum. There are many benefits by using a classic pulp cone, compared to many of the exotic cone materials available in high end designs. But the major advantage is papers ability to sound natural.
Many of the newer cone materials have major issues that have to be addressed in the crossover design. This makes the design process more complex and the result is not always beneficial to reproduction of sound.


Every Quattro speaker has a different crossovers depending on the application. The crossover is tuned for seamless integration between tweeters and woofers. It also controls the radiation pattern of the tweeter to create a sharper focus at the listening position with less unwanted interference from room boundaries.


The enclosure is made from high quality MDF. It's dead silent and makes no negative impact on the sound. The high gloss finish is of excellent quality.

Manufacturer Ken Kreisel
Warranty (mth) 60
Net weight (kg) 7,6
Net height (cm) 42,3
Net width (cm) Front: 16, Rear: 14,5
Net depth (cm) Right: 17, Left: 19
Design type Sealed enclosure
Tweeter 4 x 1"
Midrange N/A
Bass 2 x 5,25"
Sensitivity N/A
Crossover 1250 Hz
Terminal N/A
Power handling N/A
Frequency response 100Hz-25kHz (anechoic), 80Hz-25kHz (in-room response near a wall or on a stand)
Impedance 4
Speaker type Bookshelf
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